I am Ayin Thropos and I was born into the Bloodlines of the Pharonic Dominators (a.k.a the Illuminati)

July 20, 2017


For readers who aren't familiar with my adventures, let me introduce myself.


My name is Ayin Thropos. I am a Real Estate Investor turned documentary film maker, sustainability advocate, philanthropist, and world traveller.

Basically, I am an all-around badass.

Oh, and did I mention one other thing~?



My Mission is to travel the world investigating Earth mysteries like Megalithic ruins, elongated skulls, ayahuasca rituals, the ghost light road phenomena, and blood sacrifice rituals,… then bring the facts home to you.


I was born into the bloodlines of the Pharonic Dominators, that means Illuminati. And that is some deep shit. More on that later... 


It took a lifetime of experiences to get where I’m at today, many of those years were spent fighting for my life and fighting for my pride every day in one of the toughest penitentiary systems in America, the Texas Prison System. It was a bitch. They goddang,….they made the man, they weren’t able to break the man. I AM hardened like unto steel, … I am the new Stalin (man of steel), don’t hate me for that.


My situation changed a few years ago and we were able to embark on journeys into the heart of Mexico on several occasions and the Amazonian jungles in Peru. My team went out to find the truth about disturbing physical evidence of non-human physical beings with elongated skulls, the so-called Paracas People. We hit several of the only museums in the world that display such skulls, we took illegal pictures, bribed foreign officials, and did whatever it took to Bring the truth to you. The elongated skulls are real. At some point, maybe 2,000 years ago, mankind existed with more than one type of proto-human being, the so-called Homo Capensis and others. I usually refer to these Paracas people as the “big-headed mother fuckers”.


While in the Amazon jungle, on the Madre de Dios river, I contacted shamans (or curanderos) and engaged in the Ayahuasca Ritual we hear so much about. It’s a trip.


We also looked at many megalithic ruin sites in Peru, too numerous to mention here. One thing is for sure, Modern day Archeology has it’s head so far up it’s ass that it has fallen to rough men such as myself to do the job the so-called “Scientists” are supposed to be doing. They are too afraid to break out of the fear paradigm that controls all academia in Universities in the United States,… basically, they are cowards, all of them. we were in Peru last year (2016).


Last year we also went to Veracruz, Mexico, to investigate the “Reptilian Museum” in Xalapa and to meet with one of the most powerful men in Mexico, the sorcerer, Enrique Marthen Berdon. The Blood Sacrifice facilitated by Enrique and performed by yours truly was a mental mind fuck,…. The underground sacred cave, the ten foot tall statue of Lucifer, the totally nude clairvoyant girl writhing in ecstasy on the sacrificial alter, the beautiful sorceress Yanet, and the goat. Everyone walked out of the cave alive except Mr. Goat. I slashed that motherfucker to ribbons, the blood was everywhere. Lucifer seemed to be pleased.


It’s been noted that I am recognized member of the conscious community in Austin, Texas. There has been trouble in some people’s minds rectifying some of my activities with the love, light, and peace lifestyle I currently enjoy. Let me say this,….. love. It’s the only answer. I’m down with the earth mother and no one can come between us, it is not given to you to understand her ways nor my Holy Mission. Leave it alone, …. Let it go.


This May (2017), circumstances conspired to bring about a fundamental paradigm shift in my life. I was/am working with a very powerful lady in Colorado, my energy moving lady. There was another lady involved as well, all of that is confidential.


After annointing, energy moving, deep inner journeys, and extreme workouts, I had a breakdown,…..

I woke up from a power nap after a particularly cruel workout session enforced by my personal trainer, Francis. I woke up crying uncontrollably I reached out to my energy moving lady. She told me to call her and after reading my energy patterns, asking me several questions, and consulting her guides in real time, it was determined that I was undergoing a kundalini awakening. I was shocked, still am. Kira is working with me every week, teaching me the way and telling me what the guides recommend. She is showing me how to move my own energy.


Today I am broadcasting my You Don't Know Show with my sexy co-host, Laura Burke, and working with one of the most talented marketing teams on the planet. We are working hard to bring you the truth that others ignore and the corrupt University System of the United States does anything it can to cover up. The truth matters, Facts matter. It aint about what your “feelings” are about a given topic, it’s what the objective facts are, and I am here to deliver.


Thank you for joining me on my journey.





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